Intergenerationale Peer to Peer-Academy über das Alter(n) in der Freien Szene
October 27 | 10.00 h
Auf Zoom
Closed event

Stages of Ageing – the discourse programme of the Coming of Age festival takes a look at those needs in old age, that have so far been neglected in our society and in the structures of the independent theatre scene. In three talks, actors from the Berlin and national independent scene will discuss the following questions:

What could generational justice look like within the dance and performance scene, and how could resources such as labor, money, spaces, and attention be distributed more equitably? How can the desire for sustainability be balanced with the pressure to always present something new? What would be generationally appropriate funding between innovation and continuity? What about the handling and value of a so-called oeuvre and many years of artistic experience? What kind of appreciation is desirable for the lifelong work as an artist? What about the relationship of competition and mutual inspiration between old and young and the “stigma of age” as an invisible criterion in both the eligibility for funding and the selection of programs? Innovation over 50 years of age – is it possible, is there such a thing? How do groups and companies organize their intergenerational transitions and what are some best-practice examples?

For the Academy we are looking for protagonists of the independent theater scene who are interested in intergenerational exchange. In moderated peer-to-peer conversations we want to deal with aging in the independent scene and look for new ways and forms of intergenerational exchange of experiences and mutual support. To this end, we would like to invite people of different ages and with diverse perspectives, work and experience backgrounds to enter into a dialogue with each other, to exchange experiences, and to share knowledge and insights. The registration is closed.