Siegmar Zacharias & Steve Heather
Waves - collective listening practice towards social bodies
Listening session
October 18 | 20.00 h
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Suitable for English Speakers

The listening sessions take place on zoom and are open for everybody. They consist of an introduction, the collective listening, and an integrating conversation. Please listen with headphones. To participate, you must download the Zoom software and agree to its privacy policy. Please find the zoom manual here.

Re-Generation proposes a practice of listening with the whole body. Giving our bodies as resonance spaces for each other to be in the wild spaces of grief, of joy, of pleasure together with many generations, dead or alive. We invite you to plug into the transformative power of collective grieving, collective re-generation, collective listening to ancestorial and born and unborn voices.

Re-Generation is part of a series called WAVES that runs from Mai to December 2021.

We are offering WAVES as a container to experience in sensory and affective modes being shaken and connected together by waves. The listening sessions are sound meditations for wondering together into a space that we don’t need to be alone in. Building on a feminist practice of nourishment and regeneration we want to sustaining transformative quaking while asking: How can we be together otherwise. Let’s listen together with our bodies.

The series WAVES – Listening sessions towards social bodies is presented and hosted by Sophiensæle Berlin and FFT Düsseldorf together. It is a collaboration of Neha Chriss, Sam Hertz, Judith Hamann, Steve Heather and Siegmar Zacharias.

Siegmar Zacharias (RO/D) works with different formats that deal with the juxtaposition and opposition of theory and material. These oscillate aesthetically between labor and humor, do-it-yourself low- and high-tech. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally in theaters and festivals, in galleries and conferences, in greenhouses, in the forest and in the sky. Zacharias is a member of the collective SXS Enterprise and co-founder of the artistic exchange and research platform WOW – WE WORK HERE. In addition to her art, she is also a lecturer. She works with people and uncontrollable material such as smoke, mucus and the nervous system. For example, SLIME DYNAMICS and Drooling Lecture were created. With the idea of doing artistic research in public, she developed 24-hour immersive curatorial projects under the title Training for political imagination since 2017, where researchers*, artists*, activists* were invited to share their work with the audience. Events emerged such as: The Other Thing (MDT Stockholm 2017), Intimacy with Death (Agora Berlin 2018), Posthuman Solidarities (FFT Düsseldorf 2019), ANIMAterialities – The Future of Grief (FFT Düsseldorf 2020).

STEVE HEATHER (AU-DE) is a Berlin-based musician (drums, percussion, electronics), composer, performance and installation artist. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Steve studied percussion/improvisation at Victoria College of the Arts and performance art at Das Arts, Amsterdam. Steve is interested in the repetitive acoustic territories of daily life that inform individual and community sonic agency.  His research revolves around the physicality of sonic boundaries and how it informs compositional methods, materials and structures along with the physical readings of listeners*. His music is a collision of arresting simplicity and fleeting complexity, full of noise and spatialization, sudden connections and resonances. Steve Heather’s current musical projects/bands cross genre definitions and settle equally in different territories: Avant-garde, Free Jazz, Noise, Drone Rock: THE STILL, BOOKLET, ** Y **, SHELTER. He is co-founder and co-organizer of THE SPLITTER ORCHESTRA, a 25-piece improvisational orchestra.

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A production by Siegmar Zacharias in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE. Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK – STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative. Media partner: Berlin Art Link, taz.die tageszeitung, tipBerlin